ABOUT-Changing your personal world , world will wonderfully change.-

What is Seisyun-B?

"SEISYUN-B" is Japanese Creator Group which has purpose making people get creative life.
Our purpose is changing the world more creative.
If all of peoples drew picture , took photo , wrote poem ......World would be so wonderful , don't you think ?

Our main service is introducing Japanese creators whom we love(painter,designer,photographer……).
We believe you will have wonderful time by these creators.
We believe these creators will brilliantly change the world.

Majority of Web Sites which we introduce are written in Japanese language.
But we think that Art work's fascination will touch in your heart ,regardless of language type.

Meaning of our name(Seisyun-B)

SEISYUN(青春) means youth.
We could be youthfully even if we are not young!
If young peoples are "A" , we are "B"!!
Youthful Days doesn't relate to our age.

About link

Please link your site to Seisyun-B.
URL : http://www.aoharu-b.com/english/
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